George Geo, Chancellor of NU

“Our inspiration from the old Nalanda is man living in harmony with man, man living in harmony with nature, and man living as part of nature.”

-George Yeo, Chancellor, Nalanda University

Amartya Sen, Founding Chancellor

Nalanda is a spectacular example of initiative, energy and commitment to the spread of knowledge and enlightenment "to all lands."

-Amartya Sen, Founding Chancellor, Nalanda University


Research intensive, Interdisciplinary & Experiential

 Interdisciplinarity is at the core of the Nalanda Curriculum. Our programmes are designed to encourage experiential learning, promote original research and develop innovative ideas

SHS Students on their field tripSHS Student on their field trip at bodh gaya

School of Historical Studies

SEES Student on their field tripSEES Student on their education field trip

School of Buddhist Studies, Philosophy and Comparative Religions

Student with Faculty at Nalanda ruinsStudent with Faculty at old Nalanda ruins

School of Ecology and Environment Studies

Gopa Sabharwal, Vice Chancellor of NU

“The location of the University in rural Bihar is to our mind its biggest advantage: natural, pollution free environs coupled with an enviable historical legacy.”

-Gopa Sabharwal, Vice Chancellor, Nalanda University


We aspire to match the excellence of the ancient Nalanda University, which is the oldest known centre of organised higher learning in the world. Like our ancient predecessor, we will be universalist in our outlook, open to currents of thought and practice from around the globe, and responsive to the needs of the world.

Akiro Nakamura, student of 2016 Batch

“The present-day Nalanda University is the ideal place to pursue archaeology and historical studies specially because it has a geographical advantage of being near the Nalanda as well as Telhara ruins.”

- Akiro Nakamura, Student, School of Historical Studies, Nalanda University


Net Zero campus

On completion the 455-acre campus bordering the Rajgir Hills will go beyond the GRIHA 5 star rating to be one of the world's largest energy sustainable net-zero campus from ground up.

Reaching out

From supporting the weavers of Nepura and Baswan Bigha, to sourcing our food from local farms, we reach out to the neighbouring villages in many ways. These plans will expand with time to include energy generation from waste and programmes that connect local weavers and farmers to the world.


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