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Admission Process

The entire application process for admissions is paperless and online in keeping with the University’s commitment to sustainability.

  • Only applications that are complete in all respects will be evaluated
  • Indian candidates have to pay ₹ 600 and Foreign Nationals have to pay $ 10 as application fees while filling up the Application Form.

Admission at Nalanda University is a two tier process

Any offer of a place in the Nalanda University Graduate Program will depend on:

  • Screening/shortlisting of Application Forms:
    • Preliminary shortlisting based on eligibility, academic performance, and completeness of the Application form.
    • Final shortlisting based on qualitative aspects like SoP, referee’s recommendation, written work etc.
  • Personal Interview of the Candidate.

Screening/shortlisting of Application Forms

It is not mandatory that all the applicants, who have filled the Application Forms, would be invited for an interview. All the completely filled in application forms, would primarily be screened for their correctness and adherence to specified regulations and passed on to a select committee comprising of nominees of Vice Chancellor. Applications without proper academic/professional references from referees specified by the candidate in the Application Form will not be accepted.

For the short listing of Application Forms, the committee members will evaluate the candidates on the basis of certain parameters, such as academics, statement of purpose, graded written work etc., furnished by the Applicant.

Personal Interview

Interviews for shortlisted candidates for first two rounds will be conducted in person at the University's current campus in Rajgir. Candidates also have the option of appearing for the interview over Skype.  

Shortlisted candidates will receive an invitation to appear for interview by email. On receiving the email, the candidate should respond within the specified deadline and also indicate whether they will appear for the interview in person or over Skype. 

The interview will be conducted by a panel comprising of not less than two members, who are nominated by Vice Chancellor. The final short listing from interview session will be based on parameters like communication skills, confidence level of applicant, general awareness, subject interest etc

All candidates must take note of the following points:

  • The final offer will be sent on the email of the candidate.
  • Candidates offered admission must send their acceptance within the time specified.
  • The University will have a wait list and it will be the University’s discretion to use it or not.
  • Wherever there is a requirement for qualitative assessment, the decision of the Selection Committee in that regard shall be final and binding.
  • The admission process at Nalanda University is need blind – it is based solely on the merit of the applicant.
  • Only those students, to whom an offer of admission is finally made, may be considered for any financial aid, if available.

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