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Scholarship and Aid

Nalanda University awards freeships each year in the form of tuition fees waiver to the admitted candidates in need of financial assistance.

The admission policy at Nalanda University is fully need blind. It is assumed that the admitted candidates at NU are meritorious enough to be considered for pursuing their studies at Nalanda, while financial assistance, in the form of freeship or tuition fees waiver, is awarded on the basis of need only.

Students who require financial support should apply for aid by filling out relevant fields in Application Form for admission. An admitted candidate will be declared eligible for a partial or full tuition waiver on the basis of the deliberations of the Financial Assistance Committee. The Committee may conduct an interview with the candidate to determine their suitability for the Freeship. The Committee would decide on the extent of financial support to the candidate after taking into consideration various parameters.

The decision of the Committee will be final and no request for its review will be entertained.

For applying for financial assistance, the following documents should also be uploaded/submitted by the candidate along with the completed Application Form:

  • Income tax return of all members of the family
  • Other supporting documents (if any) viz. details of scholarship received previously

The freeship will initially be granted for the first year only. The continuation of financial aid in subsequent years will depend on the academic performance of the student. If the student secures a CGPA of more than 8.0/10.0 in the first year, only then can they avail tuition waiver in the second year. In all cases, poorer academic performance may result in down-gradation or suspension of the scholarships/financial support. Apart from the academic performance, the conduct of the student in general during their period of study at the University will also account for the continuance of or the revoking of the freeship in subsequent year(s). The freeship after the first year may be revoked on the recommendations of the Dean of the School, owing to lack of attendance or any gross indiscipline and misconduct.

Foreign nationals may also apply for scholarships under different Government of India schemes (CLMV Scholarship, ICCR Scholarship etc.), valid for Nalanda University. The information in this regard may be accessed through the Indian Embassies in the respective countries.

Apart from the Nalanda University freeships, the following forms of financial aid are also available for applicants:

ICCR Scholarships

International government nominees (candidates) have to fill in the prescribed forms for Scholarships for Foreign Nationals that are available with Indian missions abroad. While filling in the forms, the candidate must specify the course he/she wishes to pursue such as i) certificate/diploma ii) undergraduate degree iii) postgraduate degree iv) doctoral research work. Candidates are also advised to consult the Handbook of Indian Universities, available with the Indian missions abroad, to ensure the availability of their choice of courses in Indian Universities.

The application forms should include the required number of copies of educational certificates along with three copies of passport-size photographs. In some cases, a No-objection certificate from the candidate’s employer or place of work is also required. All the applicants are required to undergo an English Proficiency Test conducted by the Indian missions abroad.

CLMV Scholarships

There are limited number of scholarships available for the students from the countries like Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, willing to undertake their higher studies at Nalanda University. The foreign nationals from these countries should directly apply for the scholarship with the Indian Mission in their country. These scholarships cover to-and-fro transportation expenses (including air fare), tuition fees, Application fees, Admission fees, Caution Money, Residence charges and Meal charges.

Endowed Fellowship for students from Thailand in the School of Buddhist Studies, Philosophy and Comparative Religions

Limited number of fellowships may be given by the University to the Students from Thailand, willing to study at the School of Buddhist Studies, Philosophy and Comparative Religions. These are endowed funding and will be offered on first come first serve basis to the admitted candidates from Thailand.

Nalanda Fellowship

The University also offers a limited number of opportunities at all the Schools, where the admitted candidates may apply and get Fellowship opportunities to study at Nalanda University. These fellowship applications will be forwarded to the Financial Assistance Committee of the University, through the admissions office. The committee may award the Fellowship covering the tuition fees, Residence charges and Meal charges to the deserving candidates.

Work Study Programme

Work study is a need-based financial aid award. It is not a grant (one must work to earn it), and it is not a loan (one doesn't have to repay it). Students must qualify for need-based financial aid to receive work study. Funds are limited, so not all qualifying students will receive an award. A student may be considered for work study on the recommendations of Financial Assistance Committee. The work-study Programme at Nalanda University is primarily offered to underwrite the financial obligations of a student towards the University.

Work study is available during the academic year and it may be offered during summer vacation too. Work study programmes benefits students who find it hard to pay the fees of the University. The University shall create a pool of jobs for the programme and the shortlisted students will be assigned jobs out of this pool based on their skill set.

While the Nalanda University has a need based policy for giving financial support to students from economically lower families, it is not guaranteed that all applicants would necessarily receive a scholarship or financial support, as there are a limited number of scholarships to be offered to the aspirants applying to the Schools.

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