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Nalanda Act and Statutes

Nalanda University came into being on November 25, 2010 by a special Act of the Indian Parliament. The Government of the State of Bihar and the Government of India collaborated to bring together some of the best minds to deliberate upon the form and structure of the new University. The Nalanda Mentor Group chaired by Nobel Laureate, Professor Amartya Sen was formed to oversee this project in June 2007. This group later became the first Governing Board and is currently chaired by Mr. George Yeo.

The University is governed by the Nalanda University Act (2010) and Statutes and Ordinances that are listed below:


The Statutes set out the objects and powers of the Governing Board, Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Finance Officer and other Boards, Panels, Committees and Officers in detail. 


Financial Regulations

The Financial Regulations list out general financial guidelines and define the levels of authority for approval, sanction and incurring of expenditures for running the University.

Financial Regulations

HeadQuarters Agreement

The Headquarters Agreement between the Ministry of External Affairs of the Republic of India and Nalanda University defines the privileges and immunities provided to the members of the academic staff, and where applicable, their dependents or members of the family, subject to the provisions of the pertinent laws, rules and regulations of the Host Country.

Headquarters Agreement

First Ordinances 2015

The First Ordinances set out in detail the rules for the conduct of the University's affairs in relation to admissions, examination, evaluation and other academic processes.

First Ordinance

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