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First Nalanda-Kelaniya Workshop on Korean Studies and Language Studies organised by School of Historical Studies at Nalanda University

December 1, 2016

As part of an initiative of the School of Historical Studies (SHS), Nalanda University (NU) organised the first Nalanda- Kelaniya Workshop on Korean Studies and Language Studies on December 1, 2016 at the Interim Campus of the University.

A six-member delegation from Kelaniya University (KU), Sri Lanka, participated in the workshop.

Inaugural speech at the workshop was given by Professor Pankaj Mohan, Interim Vice Chancellor, NU. Keynote speeches were delivered by Ven. Dr. Meemure Gunnanada Thero, Head, Department of Modern Languages, KU and Professor Hemantha Sirisena, Professor in Russian, Department of Modern Languages, KU.

Nalanda-Kelaniya Workshop

Glimpses of Nalanda- Kelaniya workshop organised at Nalanda University

Presentations at the workshop included: “Karma motif in the Buddhist stories of Korea and Sri Lanka” by Professor Jin-Ryang Kim, Visiting Professor, KU; “The Character of Koryo Buddhism as State Religion: Focusing on the major Buddhist Elements in the Ten Injunctions (Hunyo Sipjo) of King Táejo of Koryo” by Choi Hyun Joo, Ph.D. candidate, Academy of Korean Studies; “Study on the Method of teaching Korean Language and Culture by a Comparison of Folk Tales between Korea and Sri Lanka: Focusing on the Value Systems” by Mr.Amilajith Nisanka Leelarathne, Lecturer, KU; “An application of Translation and back – translation writing tasks for Learners of Korean as a Foreign Language” by Mrs.Udani Gunasinghe, Lecturer, KU; and “Developing a Corpus for Learners of Korean as a Foreign Language in Sri Lanka” by Mrs. Nisansala Pathirana, Lecturer, KU.

Presentations from NU included: “Buddhist Linkages between South Asia and Korea in the Early 20th Century” by Professor Pankaj Mohan, Interim Vice Chancellor and Dean SHS, NU; Degradation in the Status of Nuns and Laywomen: Transition from Koryŏ to Chosŏn Dynasty by Navneet Sawhney, M.A. Student, NU; and “Relation between State and Buddhism in Silla Kingdom: A critical study” by P. Sreenivasa Reddy, M.A. Student, Nalanda University.

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