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International Dharma-Dhamma Conference on “State and Social Order in Dharma Dhamma Traditions”

From 11th to 13th  January, 2018 at Rajgir, Bihar


Nalanda University, Rajgir, Bihar in association with Centre for Study of Religion and Society (CSRS), India Foundation and Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India is organising 4th  International Dharma-Dhamma Conference on “State & Social Order in Dharma Dhamma Traditions” from 11th to 13th  January, 2018 at Rajgir, Bihar.

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Abstracts are invited on the below mentioned themes. Abstracts and papers may be send in word file (unicode format) to

Last date for submission of abstracts: 30th  September, 2017

Last date for submission of Papers:  05th  November, 2017.

About the Conference

Dharma-Dhamma has been a pivotal and pervasive concept and an overriding principle in all dharmic traditions of Asia and the world. They have played a dominant and cardinal role in shaping human modes of thinking and ways of living, covering every facet of human existence and cosmic life in so far as they have been the sustaining, regulating and life- enhancing forces in human cultural ethos.

Dharma-Dhamma has been a foundational tenet in all Indic traditions. The principles like truth and non-violence, peace and harmony, humaneness and spiritual linkages, mutual care and consideration, universal friendship and peaceful co-existence, and attitudes like selflessness, detachment, social service, cosmic wellness etc. have been integral part of Indian cultural ethos. Since India’s remotest past these have been cultivated and reiterated time and again by great seers, sages and thinkers.

In this background Nalanda University, Rajgir in collaboration with Centre for Study of Religion & Society, (CSRS), India Foundation is organizing 4th International Dharma Dhamma Conference on the theme of State and Social Order in Dharma Dhamma Traditions.

The central theme of the conference is the ideal state and just social order based on dharmic principles. Through this conference it is aimed to facilitate crosspollination of ideas and foster harmony at the global level. In the present era of globalization it is all the more needed to integrate the world through the common bond of Dharma-Dhamma which provides strong thread of interconnectedness. Thus, the conference seeks to explore the shared values of the dharmic traditions, which may provide the guiding light to the troubled world today.

The deliberations in the conference will focus on benevolent State, Governance and integral social order. This would comprise Dharma-Dhamma-centric political and social order for universal peace, harmony, justice and prosperity. All relevant social and political issues will be the subject matter of the conference from intra and inter cultural perspectives.


1)  State and Governance in Dharma Traditions

2) Social Order in Dharma Traditions

3) State in Dhamma Traditions

4) Social Order in Dhamma Traditions

5) Ecology & Environmental Consciousness in Dharma Dhamma Traditions

6) Peace & Conflict in Dharma Dhamma Traditions

7) Dharma Dhamma Traditions in Gandhi, Ambedkar, Lohia and Deen Dayal Upadhayay

8) Idea of Rashtra (Nation) in Dharma Dhamma Traditions

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