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Faculty Members: School of Historical Studies

Kashshaf Ghani

Assistant Professor

Sufism; Islam in South Asia; Muslim societies in pre-modern India (1000-1800); Indo-Persian cultures; Islamic Thought; Muslim communities and transregional networks in South and West Asia.

Murari Kumar Jha

Assistant Professor

Ganga River Systems; Environmental History; Economic History; Political Economy; Mughal Empire; Indian Merchants; Dutch East India Company (VOC); Indian Ocean; Asia-Europe Interactions.

Yann-Pierre Montelle

Visiting professor

Rock art researcher and speleo archaeologist specializing in the human use of caves in Prehistory

Kaushalya Bajpayee

Assistant Professor

History of Science and Technology in Ancient and Medieval India Contours of Public Health in Colonial and Post-Colonial India Exploring the ‘Alternative’ Medical Traditions in India

Mayank Shekhar

Assistant Professor

Indian aesthetics with special emphasis on Abhinavagupta, Indian intellectual history, Cultural history of India with special emphasis on early literary sources, History of early Kashmir, Kashmir Saivism, Interaction of ideas between Buddhist & Śaiva Philosophers


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